56. Johnny Carson: The Late Night King of TV

Johnny Carson served as host for the iconic, -night television series The Tonight Show for 30 years. that time, Carson entertained generations of American television with his down-to-earth style, casual approach, and quick-witted . The Tonight Show was already a big success Carson took over from the retiring Jack Paar, Carson took the show to the next level. style, and grace on camera has been mimicked many late-night talk show hosts, who have credited as their mentor.

Carson was born thousands of away from the glitz of New York, and Angeles, in the city of Corning, Iowa, in . Carson began his entertainment career at the age 14 when he appeared at county fairs as magician, which was his first love. His family to the state of Nebraska when Carson was young man, and he served as a communications for the U.S. Navy during the tail end World War II. His broadcast career began in in Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Los Angeles, landing a job with a local television station.

officially became host of The Tonight Show on 1, 1962. The show was based in New City until 1972 when, at Carson's request, the was permanently moved to the Los Angeles area. hosted his show in Burbank for the next years, where he perfected his style and approach his guests. It was considered an honor to invited to The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

was a true entertainer. He performed many skits his reign, where he dressed up in costume, played ridiculous characters, which is something today's late-night do not do. Carson was never afraid to at himself.