45. Madonna: A Musical Legend

Madonna Louise Ciccone is a popular singer, songwriter, actress in the United States. Madonna, as she commonly known, burst onto the music scene in early 1980s with a style that had never seen before. Her sexy, and scantily clad costumes performances both delighted and aggravated the American public years. She excelled at pushing the boundaries of most Americans perceived as acceptable in her music and live performances. Madonna did not shy away controversial subjects, either.

Madonna was born in Bay , Michigan in 1958. She moved to New York to pursue a career in dancing as a woman. She began her music career with a of club bands in New York, but was noticed by music industry executives. In 1983, she her first album titled simply, "Madonna." This was the beginning for the superstar. She followed her success with several hit albums and singles such Like a Virgin, and Into the Groove. She her commercial success in music with successful performances a series of movies such as Desperately Seeking , and Evita. It seemed there was nothing Madonna not do.

One of Madonna's defining characteristics is ability to reinvent herself. Many artists find success the very competitive, entertainment industry, but most are successful for a short period of time, but Madonna. She has sold more than 300 million worldwide to date. She ranked second only to Beatles on Billboard's list of Greatest Acts of 20th Century.

Madonna's career has not been without , though. She has been the subject of several for her acts, but she survived, and thrived it all. She is still one of the female artists in the United States today.