43. O.J. Simpson: American Hero and Villain

No name evokes more controversy in the United than O.J. Simpson. He has been in the spotlight for decades ever since he was a football player at the University of Southern California, premier academic university which is primarily known for full, rich football tradition.

USC is one of greatest places for future pro football players to their start. Simpson knew this when he transferred the school in the mid-1960s from San Francisco College. At USC, Simpson found fame. His fortune to come later. He helped the university reach coveted Rose Bowl berth in 1968, following an 1967 season where he led the nation in yards. His 64 yard run against arch-rival UCLA, what many people say was the greatest game college football history, is what legends are made . Simpson later played in the National Football League, he gained more fame and fortune. Upon retirement, turned to an acting career where he starred many commercials, and eventually movies.

Unfortunately, Simpson's life a tragic turn years later. He was accused murdering his wife, and her friend in the 90s. His trial was one of the most events in the history of television. Simpson was of the murder, due largely to his "Dream " of the high-priced attorneys. Many people believed that committed the murder and got away with it.

was later convicted in a Nevada court for offenses, and is currently serving time in prison. believe this conviction was retribution for his earlier .