29. Bill Clinton: Popular Modern American President

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton was the 43rd American , presiding over the country for eight years from to 2001. He was the third youngest president hold the office, behind Theodore Roosevelt and John . Kennedy. Clinton was a very popular president, who the country during one of the most successful in American history. His economic policies contributed greatly the country's economic strength during his tenure. Clinton a member of the Democratic Party, and served governor of the state of Arkansas for two -year terms. He is credited with overhauling the state's system during his tenure.

Clinton presided over the , peacetime economic expansion in American history. He is to Hillary Clinton who he met at Yale School. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State from to 2013, after serving as senator of the of New York from 2001 to 2009. Additionally, Clinton is considered one of the top prospects gain the Democratic nomination for the presidential election 2016. When Bill Clinton left office in 2001, enjoyed the highest approval rating from the American in the history of the United States, but presidency was not without controversy.

Bill Clinton's presidency marred by the Monica Lewinsky affair. Lewinski was White House intern who engaged in sexual activity the president. Bill Clinton denied any wrongdoing, but political opponents, the Republicans, pursued Clinton in an to damage his reputation and the Democratic Party general. Republican politicians tried to have Clinton impeached office and dogged him for years. In the , Clinton survived the controversy, and completed his successful as president. Hillary stood by him during the times, and the couple remains together to this .