69. A Day Off Needed

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Catherine was a dedicated nurse who loved her job so much, but one morning, she woke up feeling unwell. A fever had settled in; her body ached with fatigue. She knew she couldn't go to work in such a condition.

Catherine called her supervisor to explain her situation. With a heavy heart, she said, "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to come to work today. I'm feeling really sick." Her supervisor expressed concern. "Take the day off, Catherine," he said. "We'll manage without you for one day. Your health comes first." Catherine spent the day resting in bed, sipping hot tea and taking her prescribed medication. Her cat curled up by her side, providing her with much-needed comfort. As the day passed, her colleagues sent her messages, wishing her a speedy recovery.

The following morning, Catherine woke up feeling much better. She returned to work, her energy renewed, and her gratitude for her supportive colleagues deepened. It was a reminder that sometimes, taking a day off to care for oneself is just as important as caring for others.