21. Misfortunes on Friday the 13th

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Edward was incredibly superstitious. Friday the 13th was his worst nightmare. He would do everything to avoid any bad luck that might come his way. On a gloomy Friday the 13th, Edward decided to stay home, locked in his house. He believed that nothing bad could happen to him if he stayed at home. However, fate had other plans.

Just as Edward was about to make himself a cup of tea, he heard a loud crash from the kitchen. He rushed in and found his favorite mirror shattered on the floor. He cleaned up the broken glass, careful not to cut himself, but a piece of glass slipped and cut his finger. He had bad luck twice in a matter of minutes. Then, a black cat appeared at his doorstep. He shooed it away, as he did not want to invite more bad luck into his life.

Edward spent the rest of the day in bed, avoiding any further misfortunes. He couldn't wait for Saturday the 14th, when he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.