10. Teenager Earns Money for Dream Bike

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One of the dreams Jake, a teenager, had was to buy a new bike. He had his heart set on a shiny red bike. But he did not have enough money. Determined to make his dream come true, he was going to make some money fast.

Jake offered to mow lawns for his neighbors. With a rusty lawnmower and a lot of sweat, he earned a few dollars. Then he started a dog-walking service in his neighborhood. The owners of dogs appreciated his dedication. He earned more money. To boost his savings, Jake organized a bake sale with his mom's help. They baked cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. In the local park, they set up a colorful booth. People couldn't resist the delicious treats and bought them.

After weeks of hard work, Jake finally had enough money to buy his dream bike. He walked into the store, handed over the cash he had earned. As he rode his new red bike through the neighborhood, he felt a sense of pride like never before.