90. Getting Cable

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Anthony wanted to get cable television for the new apartment he rented with his wife and children. He especially was interested in seeing channels from his home country. He called the local cable company to sign up. There were many options for Anthony to choose from. The basic service was the least expensive, but it didn't include any of the channels from his country. So Anthony signed up for a package that included channels from his country. However, that package didn't include cartoon channels that his children liked to see. So he added an expanded package to include cartoon channels. That still left out channels that showed certain series that his wife liked to see. So Anthony signed up for a special promotion that included a premium channel for one month free.

The customer service representative set an appointment to send a technician to Anthony's house in a week. The appointment wasn't for an exact time. Instead the customer service representative said the technician would come between noon and 2:00 in the afternoon. When the technician arrived, he set up a converter box and digital recorder box to the family television in the living room. The technician gave Anthony a remote and a channel guide. Anthony had to sign some papers before the technician left.

Anthony, his wife, and their children enjoyed the hundreds of channels they now had thanks to cable. One month after the technician came and installed all of the equipment, a bill arrived. The bill totaled almost 200 dollars. Anthony could not afford to pay that much on a monthly basis. He discussed it with his wife. They decided not to keep the channels from their country and the premium channels his wife enjoyed. The only extra channels Anthony kept were the cartoon channels for his kids.

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