85. Johnny's Long Hair (1)

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"When are you going to get a haircut?" Johnny's relatives would ask whenever they saw him. Johnny's reply was always the same, "When pigs start to fly." Although Johnny was aware that his relatives thought he was funny, he was also aware of their concern regarding his long shoulder-length hair. Johnny's hair was black and wavy. He began growing it after high school. Two years had passed since then, and Johnny had no intention of cutting it anytime soon.

Johnny loved his long hair, and took good care of it. Every day he would wash it and brush it fifty times. Johnny felt so cool with his long hair. It made him look like a rock star. While in high school, Johnny always had short hair. Although it did not look unappealing, he was not too fond of his short hair, and desired to grow it out one day. He made a promise to himself to do so after graduation. Johnny had gone through with his promise.

Johnny's hair received plenty of attention. As he walked down the street, he often heard "Nice hair, kid!" from strangers. "Thank you very much," Johnny would reply, feeling flattered. Once, Johnny passed by a group of girls who giggled and looked at him. "I like your hair," one of them said to Johnny as he walked away. Being the cool cat that he now was, Johnny loved every minute of having long hair.

Johnny wondered why he didn't decide to let his hair grow sooner. It was the best decision he had ever made, and nothing in the world could make him cut it.

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