70. Josh's First Girlfriend

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This is how Josh met his first girlfriend. He was 12 years old and in the seventh grade. He had known Diana since she was a little girl, but he was shy and never talked to her. She was very pretty, and Josh was afraid to say anything to her because he thought she wouldn't like him. Josh had no self-confidence when he was a kid. He finally got the courage to talk to her one April day.

The school was right on a busy street, so a crossing guard helped students cross to the other side. The guard carried a sign over his head that said "Stop" so that cars would not hit anyone. The rule was that no one could cross the street without the guard, so everyone always waited. One day Josh got to the corner and the crossing guard was gone, so he decided to cross the street alone. That's when he heard "Hey! You're not supposed to cross the street alone!" It was the crossing guard. Josh didn't see him because the guard was behind a bush tying his shoes. Josh was so scared. From that day on, he decided to go all the way around the block to avoid seeing the guard. He knew the guard would report him to the school.

What happened next was something he could not believe. It turned out Diana went around the block too, but Josh didn't know that then. He accidentally ran into her one day and they started to talk. One thing led to another, and soon Josh was looking forward to going home the long way. They started walking together and Josh discovered Diana was just as shy as he was! They walked and talked every day and began liking each other. Soon they began telling everyone that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. This just shows how something good could come from something bad!

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