61. Vinyl Hunting

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Adrian loves to collect vinyl records. He got his first record from his grandpa. It was a record of Louis Armstrong. His grandpa even gave him a record player to play his records. The only thing Adrian didn't like was that he lived in a small town, so there weren't any stores that sold records. His brother told him to try looking on Craigslist.

Adrian looked on Craigslist for people who were selling records of his favorite bands. He had to look for sellers in the nearest city, and found one. His brother went into the city every week. Adrian asked his brother if he could go with him next time. His brother said yes. The person he found was selling his whole record collection for $200. Adrian was excited and took out the money he had been saving. Adrian's brother told him he had read about bad stuff happening to people over Craigslist.

They emailed the guy that was selling the records and told him to meet at a Starbucks. When Adrian and his brother got there, they saw the guy outside of the Starbucks drinking a coffee. He had a box of records with him. The guy told him that it actually wasn't his collection; it belonged to his brother who had passed away. He wanted to sell it to someone who would appreciate them and listen to them every day, like his brother once had. Adrian said that he would play one record a day.

When Adrian got into his brother's car, he started looking through the records. He saw a copy of "Abbey Road," by The Beatles and was happy. When he took the record out, he couldn't believe what he saw. It was autographed by all four members of the band.

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