42. Hungry Abel

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One day, Abel opened his refrigerator and gasped when he noticed there wasn't anything in there. "Who ate all the food?" Abel asked his brother Mel, who was in the living room sitting down on the couch watching cartoons. "You probably woke up in the middle of the night and ate it all!" Mel humorously responded. Abel was not amused. His stomach was growling and he had no time for Mel's childish quips. "I'm so hungry! I could eat a horse!" Abel proclaimed. "I bet you can easily eat two," Mel jokingly said. "You are so funny," Abel sarcastically replied.

Abel thought of ordering a pepperoni pizza by phone, but soon realized he had only five dollars. He needed ten dollars to make the purchase. He was short by five dollars. Abel asked his brother if he could pitch in for the rest, but he had no cash. "Are you even hungry?" Abel asked Mel. "I already ate," Mel said. This made Abel jealous and a bit angry. "What did you eat?" Abel inquired, with furrowed brows. "A ten-dollar Pizza," Mel casually replied. "You must be kidding," Abel said, almost yelling. Mel just sat there watching a recording of an episode from The Simpsons.

"When is mom coming back?" Abel asked Mel. "I don't know" he replied. Abel could now only hope that his mom would come to the rescue and bring a large fresh pizza from Pizza Mountain. Abel plopped down next to Mel on the couch and started watching television with him. They both laughed out loud at the cartoon's funny characters. Abel was enjoying himself so much that he had forgotten that he was hungry. Then commercials began playing. Abel's stomach started calling for food again. "I'm going to starve to death," Abel said, as the front door to his house started opening. "I'm back, and I brought pizza!" Abel's mom said as she came in through the door. Abel could not wait to get his hands on the pizza.

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