95. Playing Football

Spring finally arrived. This past winter was a , cold, and snowy one. Gonzalo was ready to outdoors and play some sports. However, since Gonzalo new in town, he didn't have that many . He decided to try and get some of co-workers together. In the company lunchroom he put a paper. The paper invited people to meet at a nearby park on Saturday for a of football. Football was Gonzalo's favorite sport. He it ever since he was a kid.

On morning, Gonzalo was excited to go to the with his new friends to play some football. was a little worried that people wouldn't show . Gonzalo walked to the park early. He wanted be the first one there to meet everyone. packed his cleats and a ball in a .

Gonzalo waited in an open field close to entrance to the park. That way everyone could him. He would also be preventing others from the space. Slowly but surely, Gonzalo's coworkers began into the park. Some of them even brought and family from outside of work. Gonzalo was they would have a great game.

"I brought ball," Gonzalo told one of his coworkers Leo, said he had also brought a ball. Leo he was a huge football fan. Sometimes Leo held parties at his house to watch football. Leo and Gonzalo went to their backpacks to their balls. That's when they realized there had a miscommunication.

Leo's ball was oblong and brown, Gonzalo's ball was a round soccer ball. Gonzalo forgotten that in the United States football and were different sports. Leo had forgotten that, too. compromised and played one game of soccer and game of American football.