94. Learning to Drive

One of the greatest moments in a young 's life is the day when he or she learning to drive. Learning to drive is a of passage. It is one of the steps people take to develop into adulthood. This is wondrous time full of excitement and expectations. One the most attractive things about learning to drive the freedom that comes from operating a vehicle.

people are able to drive a vehicle, they go anywhere in the city and beyond. In California, the region was planned and built in spread-out fashion with miles and miles of freeway . A new driver no longer needs to rely others to go somewhere. He or she is free to go out on their own.

When Allen first learned to drive, he was so . He was 16 years old, which in California he can get a driver's permit. After six with a permit, he could have a license drive. Michael had been pestering his father to him how to drive for months and now the big day. His father Edward was a strong man, who insisted on teaching Michael on standard transmission car. That meant Michael had to how to operate a clutch and gear shifter, is not easy.

The two began their lessons. was a difficult task-master, and Michael was having difficulty at first. "Let the clutch out slowly," began yelling every time Michael didn't do it . "Ease it through. You can do it," said to his son. "I'm trying, dad. I'm trying," Michael. It was not pleasant at first, but Michael was driving up and down the block. was very pleased, and so was his dad. was now a driver.