89. Fingerprinting

Karla had just moved to the city and her eight-year-old son Gavin in a new school. used to be a very active participant in school community. She always volunteered in the classroom, to Parent-Teacher Association meetings, and chaperone on class . Karla wanted to do the same thing at new school her son was attending. She felt was a good example for Gavin, and it her be more in tune with whatever was on at the school.

The new school, however, different rules. Karla couldn't just show up in classroom and offer to help. She couldn't even to chaperone on class trips. District regulations required to be fingerprinted. The school district would then a background check on Karla based on the . The school district had very strict rules about people with criminal convictions to volunteer in the .

While it didn't cost Karla anything to get , the fingerprinting office had very limited hours. She couldn't just walk in when it was convenient her. She had to make an appointment. The office was also located very far from where lived. She would have to take two buses get there.

Karla also had to get a test. The TB test was easy. It was a little prick on her lower arm but required another separate appointment at a separate location. test didn't cost Karla anything, but again, the where she had to go was far.

Karla that the school district wants children to be and healthy, but she also felt they were it hard for parents.