80. Mary, Tom, and Buddy (2)

Mary and Tom became fast friends after their meet-up. Every night at seven o'clock, Tom would up Mary at her house and the two walk Buddy around the neighborhood for about an . Mary no longer walked Buddy alone at night, Tom no longer followed Mary.

One night, as were walking Buddy, Mary and Tom decided to a bite to eat because they were hungry. " do you want to eat?" Tom asked Marry. "'s go to Pizza Mountain," she replied. "I don't like eating pizza right now," Tom said. "Do have any suggestions?" Mary asked. "How about going to my house? I'll cook our own food!" said. Mary thought this was a great idea. two headed back to the street where they and thought about what to cook on the .

When they arrived, they had decided on making . Mary wrote down a list of ingredients they going to need to make the hamburgers. Tom to the refrigerator and took out all the that he had. "Where are the buns?" Mary when she saw they were missing. "I'll run the market and get some hamburger buns," Tom . By the time Tom came back from the , Mary had prepared the food. All they needed do now was to put the food between buns.

Mary and Tom were about to take first bites into their burgers when Buddy came through the door waging his tail and salivating. " think he wants a burger," Tom said. Mary from her seat and made a burger for . Buddy ate the burger in one bite as as Mary handed it to him.