74. Dodgers vs. Giants

One of the greatest American traditions is the of baseball. Living in Los Angeles has given the chance to watch one of the oldest teams in the history of the game -- Dodgers. The team came into existence in New City in the 1880s, when they were known several names. Until 1956, the Dodgers played in New York, but in 1957, the team moved to Los Angeles, and it has played there since.

I recently asked my wife Josie if wanted to go to a game one night, of course she said yes. "Why wouldn't I to go? The weather is great and the is beautiful. Besides, I think we need a in our routine," she said. "You're absolutely right, . Let's go!" I said.

We were off to Stadium, which is nestled in the hills just of downtown L.A. in a neighborhood called Chavez . Even though it is the third oldest stadium the country, it is still beautiful. "Wow. This never gets old," I said as we got our seats. Josie agreed. It was a perfect for a ball game. The temperature was in low 70s, and it was a clear, breezy .

The Dodgers were playing the Giants that night. two teams have been playing each other for 100 years, ever since both teams were in York. The Giants moved the same year the did. only they moved up north to San . That didn't stop the rivalry though. The teams each other today as much as they did in New York. The best part of the was that the Dodgers won, so I had couple of Dodger Dogs. "I don't know what do to these hot dogs, but they are ," I told Josie. She wiped some mustard off face and said, "Absolutely!"