72. A Night at the Drive-In

Many years ago, one of the best ways spend a Saturday night with your girlfriend was take her to the drive-in. Drive-in theaters were opened in Southern California because of the car that exists here. People could go see a in the comfort and privacy of their own . I remember the first time I went to drive-in. I was 18 years old and was my future wife Caroline. We went on a -date with my best friend Alfred and his girl . The drive-in we visited that night was called Starlight. It was close to home, and it the best sound system of all the drive-ins. also had a huge screen. We went to "Forrest Gump" that night, mainly because Carol wanted see it. "I heard it is a great ," she said. I really didn't know anything about movie, but I did want to see something.

" Gump" was indeed one of the best movies made. It had everything -- humor, drama, tragedy, triumph. It is a great film. Watching it night under the stars with Carol on my was the greatest night. "I tell you babe, was wrong about this movie. I really liked ," I said. She just smiled and gave me hug. Alfred and Jeannie were busy kissing in back seat, which is another advantage of going a drive-in.

Those old drive-ins were around for , but soon after "Forrest Gump" came out, many them started closing. They closed because of the multiplex theaters popping up all over the country. had a choice of many films to watch those theaters, and soon the drive-in was gone. Los Angeles, there is only one remaining drive-in know of -- the Vineland. There might be , but I don't know where. It is sad see them go, but the memories are still me.