71. Hide and Seek

One of the best games children play in is Hide and Seek. You didn't need anything play, and you could play for hours without bored. Another great thing about Hide and Seek that anyone could play, boys, girls, young, and . Hide and Seek was great. All you needed a little imagination and a sense of adventure.

way the game is played is simple. I the first time I played. I came up some of my brother's friends who were playing the neighborhood. "Hey, what are you guys playing?" asked. "We are playing Hide and Seek," said , my brother's best friend. "Can I play?" I , even though I didn't really know the rules. a while, the boys let me play. The of the game is to hide from one the players. This person closes his eyes and to 10 out loud to start the game. he or she is counting, the rest of kids run to find a hiding place.

Hiding can be anywhere. Behind cars, or in the , just about anywhere! It was Robert's turn. When had counted 10, he yelled, "Ready or not, I come!" Whoever is the first person found "It", and it's their turn to count. I I had the best hiding place ever. I in the bushes near my house. I could through the leaves everything Robert was doing, and knew he was getting close to finding David, one of my friends.

I was overjoyed that wasn't going to be the first one found. had proven myself to everybody who said I too young to play when all of a , a mouse ran over my foot! I jumped screamed out of the bushes, and was the one found. The next thing I knew, I counting out loud and trying to find my .