55. Underground Music

Michelle was tired after a long day at . She just wanted to get home, order a for dinner, and go to bed. As she on the train home, she closed her eyes. she heard music. It was a harmonica playing sad song. It sounded like a blues song. opened her eyes to look where the sound coming from. Was it from someone's iPod with volume up loud?

The sound was coming from man leaning against the subway doors playing a . When he finished playing the song he walked and down the aisles with a cup in hand asking for tips. Michelle didn't feel like was fair. While the music wasn't unpleasant, it's like she had a choice. She was forced listen to it since she has to take train home from work. Now he was asking be paid by the people being forced to ? He had some nerve. Michelle didn't give the any money. Some of her fellow commuters did a few coins in the man's cup.

"You 't encourage that," Michelle told one of her fellow after he dropped some change in the man's . "I don't even think it's legal for him play music in the train and ask for ," Michelle said. She then scanned the advertisements and inside the train car. Sure enough she found sign that said playing music and soliciting was allowed and that there would be a fine people caught by the police.

When the harmonica passed by Michelle and extended his cup out he could put in some change, she pointed the sign. The harmonica player shrugged his shoulders. " all have to make a living, lady," he .