53. Facebook Friends

Katherine loved Facebook. With Facebook she could keep contact with her family no matter how far they were. She could see photographs of her and read status updates from her aunts and . With Facebook she could keep her relatives up date on what she was doing. With a taps on the keyboard and hitting the send , she could tell a dozen or more people her new job. She could also send pictures that they wouldn't worry that she wasn't eating or was unhealthy.

Another thing Katherine loved about was that she didn't have to think about zones when updating family. Whenever she called her or other relatives, she always had to think the time difference so that she wouldn't wake up or call when she knew they were church. Facebook was so convenient.

Another thing happened Katherine joined Facebook though. Some people she went high school with started to add her as friend. At first, this didn't bother her. She learning about the success of people she knew she was just a teenager. She loved finding people were getting married, having babies, and traveling.

however, Katherine found herself comparing herself to the she was reading about on Facebook. It began make her feel bad that some people seemed be doing so much better than she was. had better jobs, nicer clothes, and cuter boyfriends. was also spending a lot of time on . It took a lot of time and energy keep up with everyone's status updates.

Katherine started think. She looked at the list of over friends she had on Facebook and realized some them were not really friends at all.