41. A Hot Summer Day

One hot summer day, Jay and his friends playing outside. The sun shined down on Jay his friends as they kicked a soccer ball and fourth. Soccer was Jay's favorite sport to . Almost every day Jay would invite his friends his neighborhood to come out and play soccer the street. Jay dreamed of one day being professional soccer player. He imagined shooting a goal hearing the roar of thousands of people as cheered his name throughout the soccer stadium. Jay it would require a lot of practice if wished to make his dream a reality.

One , as the sun was beaming down on the where Jay and his friends played earlier, an -cream truck approached. As soon as Jay heard the -cream truck's music playing, he ran outside his house two dollars in his hand. Jay looked around see where the ice-cream truck was. As soon he spotted it down the street he bolted it. Jay's friends had arrived first and were asking the ice-cream man for a cone of favorite flavor of ice-cream. This gave Jay time think about what flavor to get. "Should I chocolate or vanilla?" Jay asked himself. "What's it to be, son?" the ice-cream man asked Jay he noticed he was the last kid standing an ice-cream cone. "I'll have Pistachio, please," Jay after some hesitation.

This summer had turned out be the best so far for Jay. Tomorrow would play soccer once more, and if the -cream truck came around, he would ask his parents another two dollars. Jay was not looking forward starting his school year in two weeks.