39. The Carnival

Every June, my old elementary school has a on its ground. This has been happening since was a little boy. I used to have much fun there. It was amazing. It had like the Ferris wheel and the flying teacups. Ferris wheel was this huge wheel that carried people in a giant circle above the rest the carnival. I remember the first time I on it when I was 7 years old. had been begging my mom for months to me ride it.

"Please, mom, please. I'm big now," I would scream. However, she kept saying, "'re too young, Billy. Maybe one day." Of course, -year-old kids have short memories. I kept asking over over again until she finally said okay, but said she was going with me. "I'm a boy, mom. I can go alone," I said. would not agree. "We're going together, or not all," she said. And of course I said .

When the big day came, I was so . I almost had an accident while waiting in . The guy who was seating people kept saying "" as more and more people got on and line kept shrinking. His shouts of "Next" kept louder and louder and I knew my time coming up. When we finally reached the end the line, it felt like I waited a , we got on and put on our seat . I was excited and afraid at the same . Then it started.

I went so high up the air that I got dizzy. My stomach to turn, and I felt like throwing up. was just too fast and too high for . I didn't get sick, but I was sure I was on the ground again when I my mom, "Please don't send me up there , mom!"