24. An Earthquake

Jacquelyn and her family were sleeping in their . Their dog Scruffy was asleep next to Jacquelyn. was 4:36 a.m. and the night was quiet. were no cars passing in the street, no could be heard, it was like everything was . Jacquelyn always put a cup with water next her bed, so that if she got thirsty the night she didn't have to walk all way to the kitchen. That was when it . The furniture started shaking, and the cup of fell to the floor. Scruffy started barking and woke up Jacquelyn. She looked around and saw all her stuff was shaking. She started screaming. after, her father came in and told her come out quick.

It was an earthquake. Jacquelyn so scared, and couldn't move. Her father went and picked her up. He took her outside, Jacquelyn's mother and brother were at already. Jacquelyn her brother were crying. They didn't understand what happening.

Luckily, Jacquelyn's mother had prepared an emergency and had it outside. She looked for the , which was hidden inside a fake rock, and the box. She pulled out blankets to keep children warm. Jacquelyn looked at her mother and the blanket. She then saw her dad take flashlight from the box. He used the flashlight see if the house had any damage. The knew the house was not safe, so they up until someone could examine the house.

The didn't have school due to the earthquake, so spent the day with their parents. Jacquelyn was proud of her parents, because they knew what do during this disaster. She talked to her , and they weren't so lucky. Jacquelyn went up her mother and father and hugged them, because knew she felt the protection of her parents.