23. Stop and Frisk

The night was calm in Los Angeles, although wind was particularly chilly. Frank had gotten out work in Downtown Los Angeles around 11 p.m. got his sweater, put his headphones on to to music, and put his backpack on. Frank taking his backpack to work, because he could a change of clothes to work, so that didn't have to wear his uniform after he out. In order to get to his house, had to take a bus and a train, he didn't mind because he could listen to .

After getting off the train, Frank got something eat at a little restaurant that stayed open and served hamburgers. After eating, Frank still had walk for 30 minutes. While Frank was walking a small street with a lot of homes, noticed there was a car behind him following slowly. He looked back and noticed it was police car. He didn't mind because he wasn't anything illegal, so he kept walking.

As Frank about to get home, the police car turned the lights and drove directly to where Frank at. They stopped and got out of the . The two police officers surrounded Frank. Frank was to this, and put his hands in the . The police officers told him to put his on the hood, which he did.

As Frank being searched, he asked the police officers why was being searched. They ignored him and asked questions. "Do you have anything illegal on you? you been arrested before? Do you have a ?" Frank answered "no," to all of their questions. put Frank in the back of the police . Frank asked again, why he was being searched. officer said, "Because you are walking around the with a hooded sweatshirt." Frank had done nothing , so the police let him go after searching backpack.