22. Falling into a Dream

Music had always played a big role in 's life. He liked different types of music, from -Hop to Rock 'n' Roll. One of his favorite was The Beatles. He could hear them every . Jonathan didn't feel that way towards any other . He had all of their albums, and he all the lyrics to their songs.

One day, and his girlfriend Sarah went for a ride Jonathan's car. Sarah was excited to show Jonathan new band she had heard about. Sarah brought CD and played it for Jonathan as they around town. The first song was called 40 Dream, and the band's name was Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeroes. Jonathan didn't think much of at first, maybe because he was driving, but they stopped driving, he had the song stuck his head.

Jonathan decided to look for their . They had three out, so Jonathan decided to them all. During a rainy day, Jonathan invited to his house and they listened to all of their albums. Jonathan loved the band. He how they sounded like bands from the past. loved how they reminded him of The Beatles.

he and Sarah were listening to the third , the song If I were Free came on. jumped off his bed and started dancing alone. looked at him, smiled, and laughed. Jonathan started , and then he started singing. "The light became heavy, and I fell into a dream," he . He fell next to Sarah, looked at her said, "I feel like I'm in a dream I listen to this band. Thank you for me to them."