20. T-Ball

Emma's son Johnny had been bugging her about a sports team like all his friends. One she took Johnny to the local recreational center, they were having tryouts for baseball. She found about the tryouts from a banner she saw outside the recreation center when she was driving . Baseball seemed like the perfect sport for Johnny learn to play since it is nicknamed America's .

Emma took her son to the tryouts after . "I'm sorry," one of the coaches told Emma. " was too young to try out for baseball. he was six years old, he could try for T-ball, though."

T-ball is similar to baseball that there is no pitcher. Instead the ball placed on a stand called a "T" because its shape. This makes it easier for younger to hit. T-ball games are also shorter than baseball games. Regular baseball games last nine innings. couldn't imagine her son standing still for nine .

T-ball sounded like a good way to introduce son to the responsibilities of being on a team and the rules of baseball. Emma had bring Johnny back on a different day to out for T-ball. When she did, he was on a team. After paying a fee, Johnny given a uniform. Johnny looked at the back his uniform. "Hey, look! Mom. I'm number one!" said proudly.

Once Johnny started playing though, it clear to Emma that he was not very at baseball. He stuck with it though, and team ended the season in fourth place. There only four teams in the T-ball league. "Can play again next season," Johnny asked his mom. ", but see if you can get another number," told him.