12. Have Points, Will Travel

Carla moved to San Francisco two years ago. of her family was in Boston. Every year tried to visit her family twice. She would once in the summer and once during the holiday. Traveling cross-country was expensive though. She needed find a way to save money on her . She decided to try and use an airline program to see if that would help.

There one airline that Carla preferred to travel on. time she used that airline, there were hardly delays and the trip was always comfortable. That featured in-seat DIRECTV, so she could watch her television shows while traveling. She could also order and beverages right from her seat. An extra was that each seat had an electric outlet. made it easy for Carla to plug in computer and do work on her trip.

On last trip, Carla decided to sign up for airline's loyalty program. She would earn points for trip she made. Those points could be used air travel. The airline worker informed Carla that could earn even more points if she signed for the airline sponsored credit card. The card a low interest rate and no annual fee. every dollar Carla spent, she would earn one to use towards travel. Carla signed up for credit card. She had good credit, so she approved. Carla used that credit card to pay a round-trip ticket to Boston.

After only one , Carla had earned enough points for a free -way ticket. That saved her almost $500. It felt traveling for free. Carla decided to stay loyal this one airline.