11. Celebrating a Win

The Mexican national soccer team had just won match against Croatia in the World Cup. This that Mexico advanced to the next round. Mexican fans worldwide are known for loyalty to their . After this win, however, some wonder if they their loyalty too far.

In Huntington Park, California, took to the street after the win. The crowd grew to almost 200 people. The fans flags, yelled, honked their cars, and jumped around streets. The crowd was so big that they traffic. This caused traffic jams in the area. most of these fans were just overzealous, a were intoxicated. Instead of just celebrating, they began bottles. Some of the fans even began rocking parked on the streets. Police were called to scene. Not only did the local police department in patrol cars, two police helicopters flew overhead some police on horseback began to try to the crowd. Someone threw a bottle at a horse. Police urged shop owners to close their . The police arrested five people. Thankfully no one hurt.

When Mexico played again the following week, patrolled the streets in advance. This time they going to be prepared if Mexico won again. was playing against the Netherlands. The Dutch team 2-1. Mexican fans in Huntington Park still took the streets despite the loss. This time the were waiting in riot gear. The fans waved , chanted, honked horns, rocked cars and even lit but no one threw bottles. The police didn't anyone. They did have to close off three to traffic, though. The police were probably secretly that Mexico didn't win. In four years, when next World Cup happens, they'll worry about it .