284. Going Back to School

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It's never too late to learn. Emily Johnson had turned thirty when she decided to go back to college to finish her degree. Ten years had passed since she last attended East Los Angeles College. It had been her dream to finish her two years at ELAC and transfer to Cal State L.A. Emily was not able to finish because she started working. Even though Emily found a good job, she still had the urge to complete her education. After all, what kind of example would she be setting for her daughters by not receiving her degree? Emily wanted her children to succeed by going to college and getting a better career than she had.

Emily was aware of the difficulties of going to school while working and taking care of two daughters. She braced herself and accepted the challenge. She went to work during the daytime, and went to class in the evening after taking her daughters to her mother's house. Emily had to maintain this routine for one year in order to transfer. Sure enough, she made it through, and was accepted into Cal State L.A.

Emily's time at the university was slightly more grueling compared to community college. She had been studying sociology. The same challenges presented themselves again. Emily had only completed her general education classes at community college, and now the focus was in her subject of interest.

Emily passed all her classes with flying colors in a span of two years. It took all her dedication and will power to finish her education. Emily received her bachelor's degree in sociology. Her daughters would look up to their mother in the years to come and realize that it's never too late to go back to school.

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