277. Going to College

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Two years ago, I graduated from high school. My father, mother, and sisters all came to see me walk up the stage to receive my diploma. Most of my extended family was there too, including my aunts and uncles, and some of my best friends.

To my surprise, my friend Eddie, who graduated from the same school the year before, came up to congratulate me as soon as the ceremony was over. "Hey! Feels great, doesn't it?" said Eddie. "It sure does," I responded excitedly. Eddie was like a big brother to me. He joined the Navy after graduation. now that I was out of high school, he came back specifically to talk to me about my plans. I had no idea he was coming because he wanted it to be a surprise, and it sure was.

"Okay, now that you're out of high school, what are you going to do with your life?" he asked. To tell the truth, I didn't have a clue. Most of my classmates knew exactly where they wanted to go to college, or if they were going to join the military. Some of them were like me, clueless. No one had ever been interested enough in me to try to give me some guidance except Eddie. He told me about college and I should consider going to a community college since I hadn't applied to a four-year university. I was very interested, but confused. "You never went to college, Eddie. How do you know it's the right thing to do?" I asked. Eddie just smiled and said he just knew and that I needed to trust him on this one.

Since I trusted him like a brother, I took his advice and enrolled in a community college. It's been quite an experience. I must admit, Eddie was right. I will be transferring to UCLA next semester and things are looking up for me. I owe it all to my "big brother" Eddie.

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