268. An Easter Bunny

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Gabriel loved working as a waiter. He loved going to work during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. When there was work during holidays, it usually meant there would be a big tip in his check. He was very friendly with the people, and everyone liked working with him. The restaurant where he worked was doing a special brunch for Easter this year. Gabriel's boss Jackie called him to see if he could work. Gabriel said yes.

When Gabriel showed up, he saw a giant Easter bunny walking around the restaurant. He started chuckling to himself. He had always wanted to wear a costume, and walk around talking to people. As people started showing up, he noticed that the Easter bunny wasn't coming out to greet the people. Gabriel had a job to do though. He started cleaning the tables he was assigned; when he finished, he went to take his break.

While he was eating, Jackie went up to Gabriel and said "I think we need you to take over as the Easter bunny, would you be willing to do that?" Gabriel said of course, because he didn't want to let down the boss, but also because he secretly wanted to do it. As he walked out fully dressed like the Easter Bunny, he saw children lining up to take pictures with him. He walked over and took pictures with everyone that was in line.

There was a little train for the children outside in the garden. After he took the pictures, he decided to go on the train and ride it with the children. The children were asking him if he was the real Easter Bunny, and if he had been to Disneyland, Gabriel nodded his head. After he got off the train, he walked around the restaurant and started dancing in the restaurant. People started to applaud as they ate. It was the first time Gabriel ever dressed up as the Easter Bunny, but he loved every second of it.

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