259. A time for Family

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December is truly a special time. People start putting up their Christmas decorations and lights outside their homes. Christmas is wonderful, because family members from far-away come to visit. We eat, drink, and talk about how our lives are going. One of my favorite things to do when my family comes over to visit is go for a ride in my dad's car and see all the houses with their Christmas lights on.

Last year, my dad told us that he had seen a neighborhood with the whole block filled with houses with lights. We decided to go see them. The whole family crammed into two cars. We drove for about 40 minutes. When we got there, our faces lit up with joy at the sight of all the lights. My cousins decided that they wanted to walk outside and watch the lights. We all got out and started walking, but when it was time to go back home, we didn't notice that my youngest brother was not in the car.

He had separated from the family, and went to see a house all the way at the end. No one noticed, and we left him there for an hour. He knocked on the house that he went to see, and told the people that lived there what had happened. He knew my cell phone number, and so he called me. We were about to arrive at my house when I got the call. I told my dad, and he nearly crashed the car, because he got so scared.

We dropped everyone off and I decided to go with my dad to pick up my brother. When we arrived at the house, my brother was sitting on the couch watching television with the children that lived there and drinking hot chocolate. My dad hugged him and said sorry. The people who lived there said that it was fine that their children liked my brother because he was funny. They said he could come back anytime. I was relieved nothing had happened to my brother.

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