256. Summer Programs for Kids

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School was over for the year. This meant that the school's after-school program, which kept Adriana's daughter June in school until she was done with work, was also over. The after-school program was convenient because June didn't have to leave the school. Adriana didn't have to worry about her daughter being home alone. The after-school program also made sure that June did her homework. This made Adriana's job as a single mother so much easier. All she had to worry about when she picked her daughter up from school was dinner.

One of the best things about the after-school program was the cost. It only cost 30 dollars a month. The school did not offer a summer program. Adriana did not have a summer vacation from work so she needed to find a program that would watch June while she was working. Hiring a private babysitter was too expensive.

Another mom from June's school gave Adriana information about a local recreational center that was offering a summer program for school-age kids. The program was not as expensive as other summer camp programs, but was more expensive than after-school cost though. The summer program cost 50 dollars per week. Adriana didn't know how she could afford the program.

June didn't understand the sacrifices her mother had to make for her. She was just excited to attend the summer program. She had never been in summer camp before. June was especially excited because her friends would be there with her. Sometimes summer was boring especially since her mom worked all day. June heard there would be games and crafts. She was going to make something nice for her mom to thank her.

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