248. Surfing

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Surfing was Jeffrey's favorite pastime. Every weekend Jeffrey and his best friend Chad would head to Santa Monica Beach, where they would surf big waves. California was the perfect place to live if you were a surfer. The sunny sky and nice temperature made it an ideal place for surfing. Best of all, California mostly maintains this kind of nice weather throughout the year. Jeffrey and Chad were grateful to be surfers in California and not in Iceland. While their other friends were skateboarding and rollerblading, Jeffrey and Chad were at the beach surfing the day away.

Jeffrey was fifteen years old when he first learned how to surf. Chad was two years younger when he started learning. They both had met at a surfing competition. Jeffrey was eighteen and Chad sixteen at the time of the competition. Despite being rivals at first, Jeffery and Chad soon became buddies after the competition. Now twenty-one and nineteen, Jeffrey and Chad had become the best surfers on the West Coast. Their medals and trophies were proof of this.

There wasn't anything more satisfying in the world than surfing the waters as the sun beamed from above and the wind blew by. Surfing was an exhilarating and incredible experience. It was also a great stress reliever. Jeffery and Chad felt as if they were on top of the world when surfing. Nothing else mattered when you were in the midst of a barrel ride. Jeffery and Chad knew that surfing for them would be a lifelong passion.

The beach was a great place to be at. This was especially true in the summer when pretty girls would gather on the weekends, bonfires would line the shores at night, and vendors and artists would attract visitors to purchase their wares. There was never a dull moment while at the beach. But if it wasn't for the waters, Jeffrey and Chad would have no reason to go to the beach.

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