231. How Johnny Met His Wife

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Johnny has always loved taking long walks. He lived close to Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The park is very beautiful. It has trees and winding roads leading up to the hills where he could get lost for hours. Whenever he hiked up there, he always felt at peace with the world and with himself. It was his personal safe zone.

One day Johnny was hiking up a trail that he had not tried before, and soon he was lost. Griffith Park is very large and people have been lost up there in the past, but he knew he would find a way back. After about an hour of walking around in circles, Johnny heard something move in the bushes. It scared him for a second, but he just kept walking.

It was starting to get dark and he began thinking that he might have to spend the night in a cave or under a rock or something. That was when he heard more noise coming from the trail. It was very loud. "Hey!" Johnny shouted. "What's out there? Stay away!" He was sure it was a coyote or maybe a mountain lion. He started looking for something to fight back with in case of an attack. Johnny was in a full-panic and started shaking uncontrollably as the noise got closer and closer. Just as he thought that an animal was going to jump out of the bushes, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She was tall and blonde and had long straight hair and the first thing she said was "Are you okay?"

It turned out her name was Sheila, and she was a park ranger. She told Johnny that she had seen him walk up the trail earlier, but did not see him come back down, so she decided to come up to see if everything was okay. Johnny had never been so embarrassed in his life, but that was okay. The couple ended up getting married a little more than a year after that. She saved Johnny's life that day, in more ways than one.

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