227. Calm and Relaxed

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Anthony was a senior at high school and had a car. Even though Anthony wasn't 21, which is the legal age to buy alcohol, he would occasionally have a drink with his friends. Anthony was excited, because today was his prom day. He had his tuxedo on, and had a flower for his date. He got into his car and went to pick up his friend Jacob, and then to pick up Jennifer, his date.

When they showed up to the prom, Jacob's date and Jennifer went to the restroom. Jacob took out a small bottle of whiskey from his jacket pocket and told Anthony to take a drink. Anthony took some and didn't like it, but he still drank. As Anthony and Jennifer danced, he began to feel dizzy. He was drunk. "Anthony, are you okay?" Jennifer asked. Anthony looked at her and laughed. She figured out that he was drunk, and decided to leave with Jacob's date.

Anthony got mad and decided to leave. He got in his car and left. As he was driving down Mentel Avenue, he saw a police car following him. He got nervous and started chewing gum. Anthony was looking at the police car through his mirror so much that he almost took a red light. When the police saw this, he stopped Anthony.

The police gave him a few tests to see if he had been drinking, and Anthony failed them. The police took him away. His father picked him up and they went to talk to a lawyer. The lawyer said that Anthony would have to take alcohol education classes, go to Alcoholics Anonymous, do community service, and pay a fine. Anthony's father said that Anthony would have to get a job as well to pay for the fine. Anthony decided never to drink after that. He said that it wasn't worth it.

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