225. A Real Guitar Hero

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Albert had been playing the guitar almost all his life. His first guitar was given to him by his father. It was a Fender Stratocaster, and Albert absolutely loved it. As a young boy, Albert would spend hours and hours listening to songs trying to learn them on his guitar.

As he grew older, he didn't play the guitar as much. He met a girl and they started dating. Eventually they had a son. Every once in a while, Albert would take out the old Fender Stratocaster and play a song for his baby son named Max. He loved playing guitar for Max, because it would calm him down when he started crying. As Max got older, he started listening to the same kind of music his father listened to.

Albert and his son would listen to music together and talk about what they thought the songs meant. During Max's tenth birthday, Albert gave his son a Fender Stratocaster as well. The same model his father had gotten him. It cost him a bit more, but he wanted his son to have the same one as his. Max was happy, he asked his dad to teach him all the songs he knew. Albert smiled and said, "Of course!"

When Max turned 17, he joined a band. They played local shows and were able to record some songs by themselves. One day as Max was walking home from band practice, someone stopped him and took away his guitar. He was devastated. He went home and locked himself in his room. He couldn't face his dad. He knew he had let him down. When it was time for dinner, Max opened his bedroom door and saw his dad's Fender Stratocaster on the guitar stand. There was a letter and a set of keys on the guitar. The letter said "To my guitar hero, Max. Here is my guitar, you need it more than I do, and the key to your new car, so nothing like this will happen to you again."

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