185. Don't Drink and Drive

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One of the most important lessons you should learn is when you drink, you shouldn't drive. I learned this the hard way. Last year, I got a DUI, which means Driving Under the Influence. If you get pulled over and you smell like alcohol, the police will ask you to take a breathalyzer test. When you do the test, you have to blow really hard into a machine, which will then tell you if you are over the limit to drive a vehicle. The limit is usually .08 blood alcohol volume. So, if you pass that, you are going to jail.

Even though you won't go to jail for a long time, you will be suffering the consequences of your mistake for a long time. Here is a list of the things you will have to do if you get a DUI: go to court, go to alcohol education classes, go to Alcoholics Anonymous, pay a lot of money in fines. If you don't want to pay, you will have to do community service. I got my DUI almost two year ago, and I am still suffering the consequences. I still have 56 hours for community service.

I have to update my insurance policy, and deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You waste a lot of time and money. It gets difficult to get a job, because you have to let your future employer know that you have been arrested. It's not worth it. If you are thinking about going out to celebrate and party with friends and family, do one of the following: get a designated driver, take the bus or train, or call a cab. It may cost you a little bit of money, but compared to how much money you will lose if you get a DUI, it's nothing. Don't drink and drive.

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