182. What are Friends?

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Friends make life easier, or at least they should. My best friend's name is Susan. I call her Suzy. Suzy and I would always hang out together. Just to clarify, my name is Michael. Yes, I am a boy, and Susan is a girl. Everyone that knew us always thought we were in a relationship, but that wasn't the case. I loved Suzy like a sister, and she loved me like a brother. Well, I used to think she did.

It all started when Suzy got a boyfriend. I was happy for her, because she was sad and lonely. Those were her words, not mine. When she introduced me to Richard, her boyfriend, I tried my best to get along with him. Although I tried my best, Richard didn't seem to like me. Maybe his friends told him that Suzy and I were always hanging around, and they thought we were secretly in love with each other.

Richard became increasingly jealous whenever my name was mentioned. It started tearing up their relationship. Suzy began to stay away from me. I would call her, go over to her house, or wait for her outside of school, but she was always busy with Richard. She would say, "Sorry, Mike. I'll call you when I get home, okay?" I knew it was a lie. Suzy and I haven't spoken in a month. As I knew Suzy had always wanted to go to Las Vegas, so I was going to surprise Suzy by telling her that I was going to take her. However, it seemed that the ship had sailed. I heard Suzy and Richard were going to Las Vegas for her birthday.

I'm moving on, and I'm hanging out with some other friends. It's not the same, but I guess anyone who chooses a relationship over a friendship was never a good friend to begin with. Yet, I find myself questioning "What are Friends?"

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