170. The Facebook Message

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Maria received a Facebook notification on her mobile phone, which says: "You have a new message from Jimmy." Maria didn't know any Jimmy except an ex-boyfriend ten years ago. Maria opened the message and sure enough it was from the man she dated a long time ago.

"You should Google me and see what I've been up to," the message said. Maria thought the message was strange, but out of curiosity, she typed in Jimmy's full name in the Google search bar. She saw pictures of him and a number of articles. The articles were about him filing for divorce from his wife who was a high school teacher in New York City. She had been accused of having an affair with one of her students. She had been fired and was facing criminal charges. She had a daughter with Jimmy, a successful attorney.

"Is your mind blown?" Jimmy wrote in a separate Facebook message after a while. Maria didn't know if she should respond. Why was he reaching out to her after so many years? Did he want her to know he was divorced so that they could date again? Maria decided to play along. "Yes, my mind is blown, and I hope things have settled down for you and your daughter," Maria typed. Jimmy didn't respond that night. Maria thought it would be the last time she heard from Jimmy.

A week later Maria received another Facebook notification. It was another message from Jimmy. "I was hoping that you would have time in your busy schedule to see me," the message read. Maria hesitated. When they stopped dating years ago, it was because Jimmy had written a cruel message to her. Should she give him another chance?

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