168. Saving a Pigeon

168. Saving a Pigeon

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"We have to help it!" Julie insisted. Julie's mom made a disgusted face. "I don't want to. Pigeons have diseases," she said. Julie began to cry. This made Julie's mom feel bad. She gave in, but she gave Julie some rules. The pigeon had to stay in the kitchen in a storage bin. Julie's mom didn't want to have to touch the dirty bird.

Julie put one of her old baby blankets on the bottom of a deep storage bin. While Julie tried to feed the injured bird bits of moist bread, Julie's mom looked online for local animal rescue organizations. She felt silly trying to save a pigeon though. Finally she found an organization that would take the bird, but not until the next morning. Julie stayed up all night watching the bird.

The next morning Julia and her mother took the subway to the bird rescue organization. Many people on the train gave Julie and her mother strange looks. Julie's mother just shrugged. When they got to the rescue organization, Julie told the worker, "Please take good care of Sebastian".

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