130. What's Good for the Goose

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Rob Hernandez thought the fuzzy little chick at the pet shop was the cutest thing he had ever seen. He had to buy it. He thought he was buying a baby duck, and named his new pet Chaco. Chaco was loved and grew fast. Rob began to notice, however, that Chaco was growing too fast and getting too big. When Chaco made his first sound, Rob couldn't believe his ears. Rob expected a quack, but Chaco honked. Chaco was no duck. Chaco was a goose.

Rob didn't reject Chaco though. He kept him as long as he could. Chaco was not a quiet goose. He made a lot of noise, honking day and night. Rob's neighbors started to complain. Rob didn't want to give Chaco up, but he couldn't risk his neighbors calling the police on him either. Rob had to make a decision.

Rob decided to take Chaco to a nearby park that had a lake with other geese. Rob felt sad leaving Chaco and he was pretty sure his feathered friend felt sad, too. Rob goes twice a week to the park to visit Chaco so that both the goose and the owner are less sad. When Rob goes to visit, Chaco swims across the lake right into Rob's arms. Sometimes, Chaco will even give Rob a little peck, a goose's way of giving a kiss.

When Rob goes to visit, he always brings snacks for Chaco. The other geese seemed to be jealous of all the attention Chaco was getting, so now Rob brings enough bread for all the geese to share. Rob and Chaco also play. Rob throws his former pet into the lake. Chaco goes underwater, swims a little, and then returns to the shore so that Rob can throw him in again.

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