118. The Bad News

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David and Melissa had been a happily married couple for six years. They lived a comfortably modest life in a small apartment and had been saving up for years in preparation for the next giant step in their life: a baby. However, after repeatedly trying to get pregnant for a whole year, they consulted a doctor and received devastating news. Melissa would be unable to conceive a child for the rest of her life.

The bad news struck Melissa terribly hard. Seeing his wife in such a distraught and depressed state broke David's heart. "Don't worry," he told her. "I'm going to make you the happiest woman in the planet, even if it's just the two of us." He then went to the bank, took out all their savings that had been held for the baby, and set out to do whatever he could to cheer his wife up.

Since they no longer had to be careful with how much money they spent, David began splurging on everything he could think of. First, he took Melissa shopping for the finest and most beautiful clothes she could dream of. Then, they took an exotic vacation to the Florida Keys, where they spent a month exploring every island and spending thousands of dollars on the most beautiful hotels, and most delicious foods they could find.

When they finally returned home. Melissa said, "Oh, David! Everything is perfect! I'm actually glad we don't have a child." David smiled, content with his wife's happiness, and walked over to check their voicemails from when they were away. The machine bleeped and then their doctor's voice came on saying, "Hi guys. Great news! There was a mistake in the test results. You are actually six weeks pregnant! It's Triplets."

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