114. Camping Trip


It is the first day of the summer. George and his friend Carlos are planning on going on a camping trip. It is going to be the best camping trip, which will last three days. While Carlos makes invitations for their friends, George is going to make a list of activities to do while they are there. Last year, their camping trip was not entirely a success. They got a flat tire on the way to their campsite. They also had a bear take some of their food. They don't want to encounter that again.

This year, they plan to go prepared. George is going to take a spare tire and gas, just in case they run out. Carlos is going to try and find a better method of storing food without attracting animals to their campsite. They don't want anything to ruin this year's trip. On this trip, George and Carlos have invited ten of their friends. Everyone is excited. George has prepared his list of activities to do with his friends.

They plan to go mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and to play a few games of flag football. For night activities, they plan to tell stories, sing songs along with George's guitar, and play some board games. Carlos and his friends have pitched in some money for food. With the list Carlos made, they are going to have food, and fruit juice.

The day of the camping trip is getting near. George and Carlos cannot wait. When the day comes, George and Carlos double check to see if they have their things ready. At the last minute, George suddenly remembers that it is important to bring matches, lanterns, and flashlights. Carlos also suggests that they take binoculars for sightseeing. They are ready to go. It is going to be the best trip they have ever made.

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