112. Fifth Grade Dance Competition (1)

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Jenny is a fifth grader. She is considered one of the most popular girls in her class. She is very pretty, but that is not why she is considered popular. She is popular because she is known to be among the brightest in her class. She can do the most cartwheels in a row, but mostly, she has the talent to dance.

Last year, she entered the school's dance competition and won the first place. Her whole class was there to support her. Since that day, she has been the class attraction. This year, the school is holding another dance competition, but there has been a change in this year's competition. The competition has to be done in pairs.

Jenny's class was looking up to her with high expectations of her winning again this year. On the other hand, Jenny was unsure of this year's outcome. She wanted to enter the competition, but she had never danced with a partner before. She decided to ask some of the boys in her class to enter with her. They all said no to her because they did not know how to dance. Jenny was becoming hesitant about joining.

She finally decided to turn to one of her closest friends, Carl. Jenny and Carl had known each other since the first grade. Carl was reluctant to join at first because he also didn't know how to dance. Jenny insisted. He eventually agreed to join the competition. Jenny was happy and relieved. However, she was still worried because she knew her class was counting on her to win this year's competition.

All she needed was some time and practice in order to increase her chances of winning. This time, it was going to be more of a challenge considering the fact that Carl was not a good dancer. The competition was in two months, and only time could predict her chances of winning.

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