109. Joel Learns to Drive

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Learning to drive seemed scary for Joel at first. He had recently purchased his first car, which was now sitting on his driveway, looking clean and shiny. The previous owner had maintained it for years and had spent a lot of money restoring it to its original condition. The car was a BMW, made in the year 1984. It was black and had only two doors. The interior was also black and had leather seating. The vehicle looked practically new to Joel, despite it being older than the new owner of it.

Joel was eager to start driving his new car. At 21, Joel had felt the need to be driving already. He was attending college in the city of Los Angeles, working at a bookstore in the city of Montebello, and living in the city of Bell. Having a car would make traveling much more convenient. Joel had been getting around by means of public transportation. He was ready to stop taking the bus to school and work.

The first thing Joel had to do was to go to DMV to register the car under his name. After that, he took a driving manual book from DMV to study for the written test. Passing the written test was the only way to get a driving permit. Joel studied for a few days, and passed his test. With the permit in hand, Joel next had to find someone to teach him how to drive.

Joel already knew who to ask for driving lessons. "If I'm going to teach you how to drive, you're going to have to commit 100 percent. Do you understand?" Joel's uncle asked him. "Yes, sir," responded Joel. After a month full of trial and error, Joel finally learned how to drive his car. Although it was scary at first, driving eventually became easy enough for Joel.

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