103. Sunday Afternoons

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All week, Frank and Bob have been looking forward to Sunday afternoon. That is when their favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, plays their first game of the season. The Eagles have a new coach, and many new, young, and talented players. Football can be a very unpredictable game, with weather, injuries, referees, and luck all affecting the outcome of the game. On top of that, new players and coaches may need some time to learn to work as a team.

For almost a decade now, Frank and Bob have watched Eagles games together. They met through work, but their friendship continues even though Frank left the company a few years back. Their wives have become close and sometimes even join them for the games. When their sons were still young, they used to be just as excited about these Sunday afternoons. Now in high school, they'd rather hang out with their friends than their fathers. Nonetheless, Frank and Bob have kept up their friendship and this tradition, and couldn't think of a better way to spend Sunday afternoons.

This week, they will be watching the game at Bob's house, who is anxious to show off the new sound system he installed in his basement. As Frank walks up the driveway, carrying a pack of their favorite beer, Bob walks out to meet him, already dressed in Eagle's uniform. After some playful punching, they come together for a quick embrace. Once inside, they are greeted by the familiar sounds of the pre-game show. It's going to be a great season!

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