85. Theme Parties

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Who says adult parties have to be boring. More and more adults are reliving their childhoods or creating memories they didn't have as children by having theme parties for their birthday or other occasions.

Theme parties are based on an idea, a television show, a fictional character, or really anything. Sometimes guests are expected to dress according to the theme as well. For example, the Toga party is a type of theme party where guests are expected to dress in togas, really just white sheets. Toga parties used to be especially popular among college students. In a masquerade party, everyone wears a mask and has to guess who is behind it. The mystery is part of the fun. Speaking of mystery, there are murder mystery parties, where the guests have to solve a fake murder. Some adults throw parties based on seasons. A summer beach party, for example, might feature guests wearing their swimsuits. Another popular type of theme party is the game night party. In this type of party, people get together to play various board games. A variation of the game night party is the casino party, where adults play games typically found in a casino-like blackjack or poker.

Another theme party could focus on a specific region or country. For example, a Mexican theme party might feature tacos, the colors of the Mexican flag and Mexican music. Guests should be careful when dressing up for these types of theme parties though. Dressing up like a certain ethnic or racial group is usually considered offensive. It's better to just enjoy the food, and not portray a stereotype.

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