323. Carl Sagan: Visionary Astronomer

Carl Sagan was possibly the most famous American ever. He was an astronomer, scientist, author, cosmologist, television host. His landmark show "Cosmos" was one the first science shows to gain acceptance by general public in the United States. Sagan challenged to think about their place in the universe no other person before him. Using the scientific , Sagan challenged long-held beliefs about the genesis of on earth. This he has done to the scientific community, and to the anger of the community. Many of Sagan's teachings contradict the creationist of the beginning of life. He was also in the search for life beyond the planet , and participated in the only human message sent space intended for an alien race.

Sagan was in Brooklyn, New York on November 9, 1934. interest in science began at an early age. wrote and co-wrote 20 books, and had more 600 scientific research papers published. His most popular was "Contact", which tells the story of first with an intelligent alien species. The book was into a movie in 1997 starring Jodie Foster. book and movie angered many religious groups because its message that human beings are not alone the universe.

Sagan earned his bachelor's and master's in physics from the University of Chicago in 1950s. His scientific curiosity led him into developing television series "Cosmos". It was one of the watched science series, and has been recreated and currently on the air. His work on the project lives on today. The spacecraft is speeding way through infinite space today with his message greeting to whatever race of beings finds it. died at the age of 62 from complications from pneumonia.